Genealogy Research Scotland

Gengenie Research

Gengenie Research are a professional Scottish Genealogy Research company based in East Lothian. Whatever your genealogy requirements are we can assist you in your search. 

We offer genealogy services ranging from Probate Genealogy and Scottish Ancestry Research to Tracing People for our many clients.

Qualified in Genealogical, Palaeographic & Heraldic Studies at the University of Strathclyde and an Accredited member of The Association of Professional Scottish Genealogists & Researchers in Archives you can be assured that Shirley works to the highest standard.

Probate Genealogy Services

Gengenie Research offer probate genealogy services which help put clients in touch with heirs to estates worldwide. Whether you are an heir who needs to prove you are entitled to a share of an estate or whether you are a solicitor trying to trace and contact a missing heir Shirley our Scottish Genealogist can help. Have a look at our Probate Genealogy page to find out more.

Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry

Whether you are interested in discovering your Scottish Ancestry and finding out about your Scottish family tree or are searching for a missing person or brick wall, we can assist. Our genealogist Shirley specializes in Scottish genealogy, researching from New Register House in Edinburgh which is part of the National Records of Scotland. 

We have easy access to resources such as the National Library of Scotland and the Scottish Genealogy Society. Shirley can also carry out local studies research at the John Gray Centre which is the local family history centre for East Lothian. 

 Locating Missing People

Gengenie Research offer professional Scottish Genealogy Research services to help with locating missing people. Whether they are family members, owe you money or a friend you have lost touch with we can help. Have a look at our people tracing services page to find out more.

As well as Scottish Genealogy Research  we also offer research where your family connection or missing person take’s your research overseas.  

All of our Scottish Research services can be tailored to suit your requirements and start from £24:99 so what are you waiting for get in touch with our Scottish Genealogist today for a free quote.