Tracing Services

Tracing services

Genealogy Scotland

There are many reasons why you may be searching for a missing person and wish to use our tracing services. Whether they are missing in Scotland or have Scottish connections Gengenie Research can help you to locate them wherever they are. Perhaps your family members have become estranged through disagreements, divorce, bereavement or perhaps your family member has moved several times and you have lost touch throughout the years. It could be that you have merely lost touch and wonder how they are. Our tracing services can help you locate them! Perhaps there is a family situation that someone needs to make the missing person aware of. Or there may be an upcoming occasion that needs to be addressed.

There are many reasons why you as a Legal professional may wish to use our tracing services, trying to locate a particular person? Genealogical Legal Searches may be necessary if you are in the process of tracing a client who has moved or you may be trying to locate a person who is involved in an insurance claim. Our Genealogical Legal Searches can help you find your missing person no matter what the reason!

We take instructions from legal companies on a regular basis, carrying out their requests using our services in Scotland. Do you need to trace someone to serve legal documents, papers or do you need to follow court orders in Scotland? Our people tracing skills ensure you get the right details that the courts will need to move your case forward. We have many solicitors who come to us on a regular basis to engage us in people tracing, due diligence for divorce cases, witness tracing from accident or assaults and more.

If you need reliable, discrete, up to date information for whatever reason look no further Gengenie Research’s Genealogical tracing services will help you locate your missing person.

Many people need our tracing services to locate a person to recover money or goods, need documents signed off, or want to speak to them about property or assets, our legal tracing service may be of interest. Their reasons are many, our searches remain the same, in-depth and accurate!

Why not get in touch today through our contact page and let us locate them for you!

Were You Adopted?

We would always advise clients to be prepared for the information available on your adoption records as you may not have any memories of your adoption and its surroundings. The information held on your adoption records may be distressing. Making contact with your birth parents may not always receive the results you require.

Please be aware that you cannot view your adoption records if you are under 16 and were adopted in Scotland or under 18 and were adopted in England or Wales.

Tracing Services Locating Property Owner’s

Many people come to us as they are interested in purchasing a run-down or derelict property with the hope of renovating it. It’s common and today, with property at a premium, we know that empty properties gather interest quickly. With this in mind you know you have to be quick to find the owner and put in your offer as soon as possible. Our tracing services will find you what you need!

Don’t worry if your particular reason for tracing someone isn’t on the list. As long as you have a genuine need to trace a person, and there is no legal or moral reason that you should not contact them we can help locate and report. Whatever the reason you need to trace a person our experts at Gengenie Research can trace and report in a clear, coherent format.

How much information do we need?

For our tracing services at Gengenie Research to be successful we need a certain amount of information. We need the full name of the person being searched for. Their date of birth is always an advantage but not necessary, an approximate age can be sufficient.

We at Gengenie Research use many resources to locate your missing person including online databases, genealogical sources online and remotely. Cases involving missing persons with connections to Scotland are researched at New Register House situated in the Scotland’s People Centre. Whether they are missing in Scotland or have Scottish connections Gengenie Research can locate them!

What Should You Do Now!

Every assignment is distinctive in its own right, we would urge you to make contact so that we can discuss which type of tracing service you require, we can then personalize your research to suit you.

Discretion is guaranteed!

Evidence located in relation to any project obtained by our researcher or information given to us will never be distributed to any other party without your consent. Our company is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under the Data Protection Act of 1998. Our full T’s & C’s can be viewed on our Terms of Engagement page so why not drop us a line today!

You can call on 07806513998 or email us via our contact page and we will supply a quote to suit your needs.

Searching for Someone for other Reasons!

Any information given to us will be treated with the utmost discretion. Gengenie Research can help you locate your missing person with our services at rates that are very reasonable so why not get in touch to find out more?

If you have lost contact with someone and you would like to find them again let us do the searching for you with our Genealogy Tracing Service.

Please note:

* A sudden disappearance should be reported to the police immediately if the person’s safety is believed to be compromised. Call 999 if you believe someone may be at risk or in danger.

** Our Genealogy Detective Service is only available to persons 18 years and over, if you are under 18 years of age, we may be able to help if you have a blood relation or guardian who can work with us on your behalf.

*** We are not able to offer our services for former partners or spouses. If you believe the missing person is vulnerable, please report your concerns to the police. Alternatively, you could ask the missing person’s direct relatives (this would need to be a blood relative over the age of 18) to contact Gengenie Research.

Our full terms and conditions can be viewed on our Terms of Engagement page, Ready to find out more?