Questions you might want to ask Gengenie Research

If we have contacted you then I am sure you will have many questions, these are the most common questions we get from clients that might help you. If you have any further questions that haven’t been addressed, email us on our contact form and we will get back to you promptly.

Who Are Gengenie Research?

Gengenie Research is a Probate Genealogy and Family History Research business. You can read more about us on our About page.

Are You Legitimate, Is this A Scam?

We understand that receiving our correspondence will have come as a surprise to you and our questions may raise suspicions that this may be a scam.

Gengenie Research are always happy to discuss our work with you and to put your mind at rest that we are legitimate. We would suggest that you take your time and investigate us as fully as you wish.

We are happy to give references from our legal advisors and can supply contact details from previous clients who have been delighted by the results of our work.

How Do You Contact Heirs?

Initially we would attempt to contact you by writing you a letter or calling you, where Heirs may be living overseas, we may contact you by email or by private message on social media if no other way of introducing ourselves is possible.

Why Did We Get a Letter from You?

If you have received a letter or other form of contact from us at Gengenie Research with regards to an estate then our research has indicated that you may be entitled to a share of this estate and we highly recommend you get back to us for more information.

How Do I Know Your Fees Are Fair?

All cases undertaken by Gengenie Research are thoroughly researched and every Entitled Heir contacted to inform them of their possible inheritance. The research undertaken takes the same amount of time regardless of the value.

With this in mind we have a tiered finder’s fee in place which gives our clients the reassurance that no matter the value of the estate being researched we will charge a fair fee.

Will This Cost Me Anything?

No, there is no cost incurred by any of the Heirs to an Estate, all fees which have arisen from our research are covered by Gengenie Research, any costs which arise for legal services from our Legal Team and any costs for documents acquired to put the claim in to the treasury are reimbursed from the deceased’s estate before the estate is divided between the Heirs. Our Finder’s Fee is then deducted from each Heir who has signed with us.

Will I Get a Family Tree?

Yes, each client who decides they wish to use our services will receive a printed family tree of our research. Each tree supplied will show you where you fit in to the tree along with the other heirs and the benefactor. We do not supply spouse or children’s details on these charts, likewise we do not supply contact details on our charts.

How Long Will This Process Take?

It can be very difficult to give a specific timescale for researching a family as there are many factors to take into account i.e. the size of the family in question, if the family have emigrated, whether this is an English or Scottish case. As a guide we suggest between 12 and 18 months would be the normal timescale with an advisory that the case may take longer.