Property Search

Property Searches

Gengenie Research stands out in the real estate market by offering unique property searches. Our services are designed to locate the owners of various types of abandoned properties and land in Scotland, including residential, commercial, and agricultural.

Our Property Search’s include the following:

Public Records Search: They can access public records such as deeds, sasines, wills, and confirmation records. These documents often contain the property owner’s name and contact information.

Title Searches: Gengenie Research goes the extra mile by conducting a meticulous title search. We trace the history of property ownership to help identify the current or last known owner, ensuring a comprehensive service.

Probate Records: If the property owner dies, Gengenie Research can search probate records to find their heirs or next of kin.

Neighbour Interviews: We understand the value of speaking with neighbours, a valuable and often overlooked source of information. Their insights can yield crucial details about the owner or the circumstances leading to the property’s abandonment, providing a unique perspective to our research.

Social Media and Online Searches: In the digital age, social media and other online platforms can be valuable tools for locating individuals.

Professional Networks: Gengenie Research prides itself on leveraging extensive networks with real estate professionals, local authorities, and other researchers. These networks allow us to gather information and leads that might not be accessible through other means, ensuring a comprehensive and thorough search.

Gengenie Research also offer a Property Tracing Service

Gengenie Research property tracing service utilizes advanced techniques and technology to locate and identify properties. It is designed to help individuals, companies, and organizations find and trace specific properties for various purposes, such as legal matters, investment opportunities, or asset management.

Gengenie Research has a proven track record of success. We combine these methods to create a comprehensive profile and effectively locate the owners of abandoned properties and land. Where they are deceased, we will identify their living heirs. As evidenced by our client testimonials, we have successfully located owners and their heirs in numerous cases.

We ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information we provide through rigorous verification processes, so why not get in touch with Gengenie Research through our contact page?