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Thank You to all our Client’s for the Wonderful Testimonials

Testimonial from Deana ***** (9 October 2020)

Extract from a letter received from the client “I believe I have found an honest and hard working genealogist to help me in my quest. I am a believer that God sends us who we need, you are it!”

Testimonial from Melissa M**** (3 October 2020)

Dear Shirley, If it wasn’t for you I would never have thought to look for Adams marriage cert. It was right there. Mother (Margaret ******) and father (James *******).

I also downloaded his death certificate, States the same, but his mother had married and gave her name as ********, which would be correct.

Again, heartfelt gratitude.


Testimonial from Caroline P****** (1 November 2018)★★★★★ Google Review  We wanted to find out about relatives lost in WW1 and asked Shirley to help. She went above and beyond and the information I received back was way above expectations. There’s no way I could have got all this myself. The family tree print out was fantastic as it helped us relate what the notes said. Thank you Shirley for the family history research on our family. Would recommend this service if remotely interested as it is such good value.

Testimonial from W*** (2 October 2018) ★★★★★ Google Review  Dedicated researcher, going above and beyond to provide the very best results. Highly recommended

Testimonial from Peter E****( 24 June 2018)

Shirley was highly recommended to me by a close relative and she provided an excellent service tracing members of my extended family and filling out my family tree. Not only was Shirley able to confirm and add to what I thought I knew, but she also provided me with extra, up to date information which has provided a full picture of the area I was researching some of which came as a completely unexpected, added bonus.

I found Shirley to be completely professional, good value for money and very easy to communicate with. VERY satisfied customer…

Testimonial from Ann L**** (31 May 2018)

I recently contacted Shirley regarding a needle in a haystack situation with my relation born circ. 1855 and she gave advice and ideas on how to trace My great-great Grandmother. Shirley was very helpful and knowledgeable and I would definitely use her services again.

Testimonial from Jim M**** (30 Mar 2018) ★★★★★ Google Review 

Well my sister and I spent over 5 years looking for a lost aunt. no luck. gave details to Shirley and with her knowledge and access to websites I never knew existed she found out all about her literally the next day. unbelievable. Sadly we were not included in my great aunt’s will as my father has always maintained however it was so good to know at last what had become of her. Shirley is a very friendly and approachable person and so helpful. thanks again for all your help Shirley

Testimonial from F**** (27 Mar 2018) ★★★★★ Google Review 

I had a very successful job done by Shirley of Scotland’s Gengenie. She was extremely helpful and supplied much extra info in related matters. As a result of her work I am now a commissioner of a highland clan for Australia. Thoroughly recommended.

Testimonial from Amanda H**** ( 27 Feb 2018) Gengenie Research has just completed an amazing family tree for my family in a very short period of time.
Unfortunately, it was decided a short time before my brothers 50th birthday that we should go ahead and do the family tree. Shirley has done an amazing professional job with plenty of research and documentation which we did not expect in the time frame.
My family are delighted that we have this family tree to display and pass down our generations.

Testimonial from Jane **** (24th Feb 2018)  – I am really happy with your work and what you achieved xx

Testimonial from Paul  **** (14th Feb 2017) – Well……just had my family tree completed by Shirley and it’s been a long time coming. Brilliant work and so worth it !!!

Testimonial from Alistair **** – Many thanks for a most professional service, will recommend you!

Testimonial from David **** – Thank you very much for your help, that was incredible!

Testimonial from Wesson Murray Brown, a client of many years who wrote this Ode to Shirley as a thank you for researching his ORR Ancestry. His Client Review was received with great appreciation.


There once was a genie named Shirley
She could find the un-findable, this girly!
On top of this, good humour was her call
And she had a vocabulary that would astonish all She wears the plaid but that is okay
As she now resides in the U.K.
Because she uncovers the mystery
Your family tree will grow extensively She works tirelessly and never complains
Even when my narrative is late and I’m to blame.
She works hard late into the night
So I can see her handiwork at first light Always pleasant and never accusing
When I know my additions are abusing
An even temperament this lass has
But I would not blame her if it were bad When I am wandering she gently guides
And I end up thinking she is smooth as a slide
With all the grace of a true professional
I could almost end up in her confessional Sometimes chuffed but never tough
She enjoys a bevvy after working heavy
Loved by family and clients alike
Her spirits are always as high as a kite I wanted to add a few family pics
So the genie worked her tricks
Now we have upon the tree
Faces of loved ones for all to see We are now family, my genie, my wife and me
Adding the latest born is but planting a wee acorn
As Ella matures and looks upon the tree
She will know all of her genealogy It is a long way across the pond
But through this work we have a bond
Written by a client with his tree
Who will visit and meet his genie eventually If you need help with your genealogy
Visit this genie and take her to tea
I am no poet and have no fame
But I like my genie just the same

Presentation of the completed Orr Family History Research

Wesson Murray Brown presenting the completed Orr Family History Book to Ola Jean Kelly, Executive Director of the Union County Museum, South Carolina, Bruce Harley Whisnant and Delle Bright, Assistant to the Executive Director of the Union County Museum.
Jan 2011.

Testimonial from Cindy **** – Thank you for bringing my family back to life.

We at Gengenie Research are delighted when clients leave Testimonials telling us how much they enjoyed our research so please feel free to drop us a line with your own experiences of our Genealogical research and how you felt when reading the finished files.