Document Location

Gengenie Research Document Location Services

Do you require assistance with Document Location? Gengenie Research understand that family history research has become one of the biggest pastimes worldwide. The work and effort you have spent compiling your Scottish Family tree will have taken you months if not years.

Our genealogist Shirley can help you locate your missing link!  We can take over your research where you have discovered problems locating the next link in your Scottish Family Tree.

All our services are guaranteed to offer discretion with our clients wishes being our number one priority.

Get in touch today and let us know your requirements so that we can offer you a discreet cost-effective quote.

Document Research and Location

Our document location services are priced at the original cost of the document required plus however many hour’s research it takes to locate said certificates at £24:99 per hour.

For example, if you are requiring a birth record for your grandfather but have been unable to locate the record, Shirley may need to spend 2 hours carrying out the research to locate the document. This would cost £49:98 plus the fee for the record itself. Documents which are scanned copies of originals are included in the hourly rate

What Next!

As every document location or research project is different we would encourage you to get in touch so that we can discuss which of our Family History packages or hourly research will suit you and your requirements.

You can call us on 07806513998 or contact us via our contact page. We do not charge for a consultation and you can decide how much research you would like carried out.

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