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Researching and Locating Missing Heirs

Why Have our Probate Genealogists Contacted You?

If you have been contacted by Gengenie Research Scottish Probate Genealogy Research (also known as heir Hunters) with regards to an estate, our Probate Genealogy Research has indicated that you may be entitled to a share of the estate. Gengenie Research specialise in probate research tracing missing beneficiaries to estates.

Estates which come to our attention may have been sitting on the Queens and Lord Treasures Remembrancer List (QLTR) or The Bona Vacantia List (TSoL) for many years or we may have been referred a case by a Lawyer, Solicitor or an individual who may have known the deceased.

The Queens and Lord Treasures Remembrancer List (QLTR) or The Bona Vacantia List (TSoL) are made by the Government’s Treasury Department’s for Scotland, England and Wales and contain estates which have been passed to them where the deceased have died intestate.

The deceased person in question may have passed away without any known kin and without having written a valid will or other binding declaration or they may have blood relations who are not aware of the funds being passed to the Treasury. This may be as a result of an insurance policy; bank account or other similar funds being released.

Gengenie Research’s Scottish probate genealogist (also known as an heir Hunter) trace missing heirs to estates worldwide and specialize in cases which have Scottish connections, we use our Probate Genealogy Research skills to trace and locate the missing heirs to the estates with the intention of offering our services to the Heirs located.

Who is entitled to inherit from a Probate Estate?

The answer to this question is the next surviving issue or blood line are entitled.

Where a spouse is still alive, they would be next in line, if the deceased is widowed or divorced then the children of the deceased would be entitled. If there are no surviving spouse, children, grand-children etc. then the next in line would be the parents of the deceased. If the parents have also passed away then brothers and sisters of the deceased or their descendants would be entitled.

This rule follows for all generations:

  1. Spouse
  2. Issue (i.e. children or their descendants)
  3. Parents
  4. Brothers and Sisters of the Whole Blood Equally (or their issue)
  5. Brothers and Sisters of the Half-Blood Equally (or their issue)
  6. Surviving Grandparents Equally
  7. Aunts and Uncles of the Whole Blood Equally (or their issue)
  8. Aunts and Uncles of the Half-Blood Equally (or their issue)
  9. In Scotland Only, Descendants of Great Grandparents
  10. The Crown

Genealogy Services for the Legal Profession

Gengenie Research’s probate genealogist (also known as heir Hunters) have been working in the Scottish Genealogy industry for many years and has delivered outstanding results to our legal clients without fail.

Whether you are faced with an intestate case or need to trace a person or a document, Gengenie Research can help you, with our ability to visit the Scotland’s People Centre which is part of the National Records of Scotland at any point. We are ideally situated to help you with Scottish records and have a database of resources at our disposal to help you with your search over the whole of the UK and further afield.

These are some of our genealogy services offered to solicitors etc:

  • Tracing legal beneficiaries in cases of intestacy
  • Locating missing heirs named in Will’s
  • Tracing missing shareholders
  • Locating pension fund holders and their legal beneficiaries
  • Grant and Will searches
  • Locating account trustees, executors

We don’t cut corners; our reports and conclusions can be trusted and are readily accepted for missing beneficiary indemnity insurance. We offer a speedy, friendly and affordable service – and, like you, we are determined to arrive at a legally sound outcome.

If you have a problem that you think we could help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. Likewise, if you have any questions please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Confidentiality is guaranteed with all our Scottish Probate Genealogy Services

Information locate in our research into an estate obtained by our Scottish Probate Genealogy Research specialist or information given to us in the course of our research is never be passed to third parties other than for the purposes of complete the claims process on the estate we are working.

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