7 Tips For Choosing A Genealogist In Scotland

Tracing your family line is a fascinating and enriching experience. Most of us want to know the stories of those who came before us. However, in some cases it serves a legal purpose: for instance, if you’re looking for missing heirs in a will, or need relevant grants or civil records.

Here at Gengenie Research we specialise in tracking down beneficiaries and missing people with a connection to Scotland.

Here are seven tips for picking a genealogist for your search in Scotland:

  1. Make sure the expert is highly qualified. Our researcher Shirley is qualified in Genealogical, Paleographic & Heraldic Studies gained from the University of Strathclyde and is an accredited member of The Association of Scottish Genealogists & Researchers in Archives.
  2. If you’re looking for an individual for legal purposes, pick a specialist company like Gengenie Research. We help people find missing individuals from Scotland for a variety of reasons, including those seeking trustees, executors, missing shareholders and much more.
  3. Find a genealogist who understands Scotland’s heritage. One of the benefits of tracing a family history in Scotland is the statutory registers of births, marriages and deaths, which was established in 1855, are more detailed than similar records from other parts of Britain. However, many people struggle to find their Scottish ancestors for a number of reasons. These include slight variations in surnames, errors in records, migration and more. An expert in Scotland will appreciate the common issues that stand in the way of finding an individual.
  4. If you’re struggling to find someone, don’t just search for family members online. It’s tempting just to sign up for one of the many websites on genealogy, but when it comes to finding missing people in Scotland, you might run into the above problems. 
  5. Choose a genealogist that doesn’t ever make assumptions about records. Some people trust family stories which have been passed down, but they’ve often changed over the years. Others search too narrow a birth date. Solving family mysteries often takes an expert eye.
  6. Find someone who’s a pleasure to work with. After all, this process should be both educational and fun.
  7. Pick a genealogist who always checks all the facts. This comes guaranteed when you choose Shirley for your search. 

If you need a professional genealogist in Scotland, simply get in touch for more information.