A Friendly And Expert Scottish Genealogy Company

People use a professional genealogy company for a variety of reasons, the most well-known being to trace their family history out of sheer curiosity.

Learning about your Scottish ancestors can be a rich and fascinating experience, especially if you’ve struggled to find them in the past. However, it’s also common for people to trace family for legal purposes. 

Our genealogy company can help you uncover all sorts of information about your ancestors in this part of the UK, including their origins and other aspects of their history. You might also want to try and connect with living relatives. People often do this if they were adopted, or lost touch with extended family that left Scotland. 

Gengenie Research regularly helps people trace inheritance and property rights, which are important for legal and financial purposes.

Others wish to join a lineage society which requires proof in order to become a member. Our genealogists can help provide you with the necessary documentation to join these organizations.

Alternatively, you might simply wish to conduct research for academic or historical purposes. Our Scottish genealogy company is happy to conduct research for such applications, whether you’re planning on writing a book or producing a documentary.

Genealogy can be a fascinating and rewarding pursuit, and our expert wants to make the process easier and more successful.

If you’re seeking a Scottish genealogy company, find out more about Gengenie Research or don’t hesitate to get in touch today.