Are You Looking For Highly Experienced Scottish Heir Hunters?

Whether you’re starting to compile your family tree or searching for a long-lost heir, Gengenie Research makes the process quicker and easier.

Tracing a Scottish line of descent back to 1855 is usually relatively straightforward. However, going back beyond 1855 can be much trickier. If you need to find someone for legal reasons you might be in a race against time, especially if it’s in relation to an intestate case.

Why use a probate genealogist to trace a person or document?

Our services include what’s known as ‘heir hunting’, which involves locating people who are legally entitled to inherit from a deceased relative’s estate but are unaware of their legal claim. Professionals who do this are otherwise known as a probate genealogist. 

Our probate genealogist works with people for a range of reasons, including tracing legal beneficiaries in cases of intestacy, locating missing heirs named in a will, and 

locating pension fund holders and their legal beneficiaries.

Gengenrie Research is also available for searches for wills and grants, along with locating account trustees and executors. Discreet and completely confidential, our reports and conclusions are trusted and readily accepted for missing beneficiary indemnity insurance.

The process of heir hunting can take several months but depends on the individual case.

If you’re looking for expert Scottish heir hunters, simply get in touch for more information.