How To Trace A Missing Heir From Scotland

Scottish ancestors can be surprisingly hard to trace, whether you have a missing heir or are trying to build your family tree. 

That’s because many Scots left for new lives overseas, with migration often leading to them severing links with the family left behind. You might therefore find that online records or those at the library don’t provide the detailed information you need. 

Popular websites like Ancestry often have Scottish records missing, which only makes the process more difficult. Although tracing a Scottish line of descent back to 1855 is often straightforward, going beyond 1855 can be trickier. 

If you’re looking to trace a missing heir, our researcher Shirley specialises in professional Scottish genealogy.

She regularly delivers services to the Probate and Legal Profession worldwide. As a highly qualified genealogist, Shirley can not only find missing heirs of a will, but legal beneficiaries in cases of intestacy. She also finds missing shareholders and pension fund holders and their legal beneficiaries.

Whether you need help finding relevant grants or civil records, she has the skills and expertise to significantly speed up the process. 

Gengenie Research will provide you with reliable, discrete and up-to-date information that meets your requirements. 

Along with finding missing heirs, our tracing services often help people who were adopted to find their relatives. This can be an emotionally taxing process so it’s important to decide whether you wish to go forward. 

Shirley also helps people find out more about their Scottish ancestors’ history and fill missing gaps in their family tree. 

If you’re wondering how to trace a missing heir, simply get in touch for more information.