What Can A Genealogist Help You With?

A genealogist can help you find those missing family members that are difficult to trace. This includes helping you find missing people for legal reasons. 

Perhaps you have a missing heir named in a will, you need a legal beneficiary in a case of intestacy, or you have a missing shareholder. Whatever your reasons for getting the help of a genealogist, our expert would love to hear from you.

Shirley is a highly qualified and experienced genealogist who specialises in getting in touch with beneficiaries and missing people with a connection to Scotland. Established in 2005, Gengenie Research is a business run by a team who love researching your family history. 

Our genealogist can solve all kinds of genealogical mysteries along with helping clients find links to unknown parents or family members. 

Alternatively she can research entire family trees, and work on a range of projects linked to Scotland. Our services include:

  • Probate genealogy. We regularly trace missing beneficiaries to estates. Our work includes helping to find out if the deceased person has passed away without  any known kin and without having written a valid will.
  • Missing person research for other reasons. Whether family members became estranged through disagreements, divorce or simply moving several times, Gengenie Research can help find people who are otherwise untraceable on ancestry sites.

Discover more about what our genealogist can help you with. Or simply get in touch for more information.